Tuesday, November 6, 2007

The Aim,Why,How,When, The Team....

1.The Aim!

Two friends, two bikes, 50 days, 16 000 kilometers, 1000 skateboards, 1000 smiles, Cape Town to London, 2007/8!

2. Why?

The answer very simple, WHY NOT?

Take up the challenge, live life, act now, follow your dreams, we have read it and heard it all before, but although these slogans may be old cleche`s done to death, how many of us create opportunities for ourselves to experience something special in life?

This is exactly what we are doing now, thinking now of 100 reasons to GO and not thinking of 100 reasons not to go on such a long and challenging trip.

After all, it will be much easier spending the December summer holiday in Cape Town with family and fiends than taking on a 16 000 km long unknown trip through Africa, but then the opportunity might not pass us again as there are no guarantees in life about tomorrow.

3. X-ingafrica 2 London?

X-ingafrica will give us the opportunity to experience some of the wonders that Africa has to offer all in one trip. The following is just a few to name right now.

Victoria Falls
Mount Kilimanjaro
Lake Malawi
Pyramids of Giza
The Nile
The Red Sea

We are sure there is a lot more surprises awaiting us on the 50 day trip, and hopefully all of these surprises will be pleasant, but somehow - yes you have guest right – we strongly doubt it, but that is just adding to the adventure, namely the unknown factor of Africa.

Apart from the above we will also learn more about Africa’s people and their way of life, and culture compared to ours, and the rest of Europe.

In Europe, we will have the chance to see The Tower of Pisa, the French Riviera, The Eiffel Tower, The Euro Tunnel between France and England and finally to reach our destination, Trafalgar Square in London.
The final stretch of road from Italy to London should be much easier and forgiving than the previous 14 000 kilometers through Africa.

4. How?

We will be x-ing with two KTM 950 Adventure bikes, as this will give us the best chance to achieve our goal, Cape Town 2 London in 50 days.

The KTM motorbikes are well tested in the Dakar races throughout the years, economical to run and to maintain.

5. When?

We will be departing from Cape Town on 1st December 2007 (Doodles, Table View @ 10h00), following an East Africa route through the following 15 countries: South Africa, Botswana, Zambia, Malawi, Tanzania, Kenya, Ethiopia, Sudan, Egypt, Libya, Tunisia, Italy, Monaco, France, and finally 50 days and 16 000 kilometers later, England!

The count down has begun!!

6. The Team?

The two man team, Rocco van den Bergh (39) and Stephen Enslin (28), will be taking on the roads and tracks of Africa.

The Adventure is upon us. It is Time!

Monday, November 5, 2007

Map of our Planned Route

Visit the link, Where Are We Now, and follow the links to Google Maps. Our movement will be uploaded every hour, so stay in touch with the X-ingafrica team.
(We will update our blog with news and new photo`s as we travel via satellite.)